Network Rooms


At Unique Computing Solutions, Inc., we recognize that a well-designed network room is critical to running the applications that handle your organization's core business and operational data. Whether your company seeks to overhaul its current server room infrastructure or to design a server room from scratch, we will create a solution that provides your business with the secure, efficient and scalable network room it needs at a cost you can afford.

We offer a free on-site assessment for businesses near you. Contact us now!

Our technical expertise and years of on-site experience will help you plan, implement and maintain a network room that provides a reliable and secure infrastructure for your IT operations.

Network Rooms
We are specialists in configuring and installing:
  •   Network and server rooms
  •   Data centers
  •   Media and Network closets
  •   Network racks, server racks
  •   Network wiring, cabling, and rewiring
  •   Temperature control - cooling requirements
  •   APC battery backup - power requirements
  •   KVM switches
  •   Patch panels

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